Love to be Barefoot? Fall In Love With Barefoot Shoes

February 18, 2022

We all know that feeling of relief you get when removing an uncomfortable pair of shoes after walking around in them all day. Heels and tennis shoes are the norm, but what if we told you that they cause more harm than good? 

Your everyday shoes and walking habits ultimately impact your foot's overall health, strength, and development. Going barefoot has many benefits and that is why many experts recommend barefoot shoes. 

Barefoot shoes improve the feedback to and from your feet so that you feel balanced and confident. We're sharing just a few of the other benefits of barefoot shoes below in the hopes that you fall in love with those barefoot feelings too!

Strengthen Foot Muscles

According to a study done by the National Library of Medicine, walking in a pair of barefoot shoes, like Origo’s, has proven to be just as effective at increasing foot muscle and strength as doing specific foot strengthening exercises. The convenience of changing footwear rather than performing specific exercises has the potential to be even more effective not to mention fashionable. The wide toe shape provided by Origo Shoes™ mirrors the natural curvature of the foot allowing for a wide range of muscles to be engaged and enhanced during walking.


Pain-Free Movement

Many people may not realize that we are supposed to walk on the balls of our feet. The heel-to-toe stride that we are used to can actually cause negative effects on our knees and joints. Walking in barefoot shoes can help you correct this and ultimately alleviate the negative impact on your joints. 

Our zero drop soles allow for your toes and heel to be at the same even level which allows your feet to be in their most natural state, aside from actually being barefoot. Not only will you be happier when you are pain-free, but going barefoot can lower your blood pressure, tension, and stress hormones in your body making your life just a little more joyful. 

Revitalize Your Body

Did you know that your foot has some of the most sensitive nerve endings on your body? There are many acupressure points in your foot that connect to other sensitive points in your body. Stimulating these points on your foot can have revitalizing effects on your body through electro-stimulation

Being barefoot or wearing barefoot shoes are good for massaging and activating the pressure points on your foot. Traditional footwear does not allow for the proper foot-to-brain signaling and stimulation, while Origo Shoes™ on the other hand allow you to maintain better balance. With barefoot shoes your feet can more easily signal imperfections on the surface you are walking on. 


Optimal Development for Kids

Barefoot shoes aid in the natural development of a child’s foot and the footwear choice you make can impact their walking and balance ability in the long run. We developed Origo’s natural footwear design when our premature twins were experiencing difficulty learning to walk. Remembering the childhood we had in Colombia where we had uninterrupted contact on the surfaces we walked on, we had our children do the same. 

Very quickly we saw an improvement in their balance and confidence. As we conducted research and started to develop Origo Shoes™, we kept in mind that barefoot walking was optimal for the development of sensory stimulation. Natural, minimalist footwear mimics being barefoot, and it allows the receptors in your foot to be more responsive to the pressure and movement of our natural environment.


Environmental Sustainability

One of the greatest benefits Origo Shoes™ brings is that they make a positive impact for not just you, but the earth too. Our promise to sustainability and natural footwear come together hand in hand through our cotton canvas, natural leather, vegan cactus leather materials to reduce our environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability is ever-evolving, and, with every decision that we make we will aim to reduce our carbon emissions and lessen our impact on the environment. 

Along with our sustainably sourced materials, our commitment to this planet furthers as we have partnered with the organization One Tree Planted. For every pair of shoes sold, a portion of those profits will be donated to planting trees in the Amazon. 


Now that you’ve fallen for the benefits of going barefoot, now is the time to make the switch to barefoot footwear! It’s the season of love and you deserve to start feeling good about the steps you take. 

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