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Shop and Gift Sustainably this Holiday Season

December 9, 2021

We may be a bit biased here, but we believe that barefoot shoes make the perfect Christmas gift! It’s the season of giving, and what better gift is there than a pair of shoes that lead to a happier and healthier life.

Origo is the better shoe with consciousness at the center. They support the natural integrity of the foot, so they can move as they are meant to, and they are responsibly made with a commitment to the planet. 

While barefoot shoes do make an excellent gift, shoes that don’t fit your loved one’s size or style might not work out so well either. Lucky for you, we have tips and tricks to help you out this holiday season.

First things first, who do Origo’s work best for?

If you or a barefoot user that wants a good looking, curated design suitable for everyday walking use, or you just appreciate overall wellness for the body, Origos were made for you!

Origos are a medium to narrow barefoot shoe, best for recent barefoot adopters, people transitioning into barefoot or barefoot avid users with normal to low volume feet. 

Next, you need their shoe size. Sneaking a peek at their current shoe size when they’re not around is quick and easy, but that may not be a possibility for everyone. We recommend that you try:

  1. Asking a family member that knows
  2. Phoning a friend for help
  3. Casually bringing it up in conversation
  4. Trying to take a picture of the size label on one of their sneakers

Next, you should take a good look at their current shoe collection and find their unique style.

  1. What colors do they use regularly?
  2. Do they have a preference between materials? Are they vegan? 

The answers to those questions should give you a good idea of how to narrow down our various Origo shoes to find their perfect style. 

From neutral wardrobe staples to our shiny and stunning metallic shoes, we have something to fit everyone’s preferences. Our shoes are also made with natural materials like cotton canvas, natural leather, and vegan cactus leather that we source locally so that you can feel good about shopping and gifting sustainably this holiday season.

Want to get your Origo Shoes in time to put under the tree? Be sure to place your order by December 15th!

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