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Origo Partners with Soles4Souls and the Ukrainian Refugee Relief Effort

March 30, 2022

Origo is barefoot footwear committed to the planet. By means of intentional craftsmanship and meticulous design, we endeavor to help our customers form a stronger, truer connection with their bodies. Our hope is that, in doing so, you can come to form a deeper relationship with the Earth itself. In a world of constant movement driven by the mantra of always reaching for new heights, it’s easy to forget the importance of remaining grounded.


Sustainable Shoes for a Shared World.

We’re committed to ensuring that everyone can love the planet they walk on, the planet that we all share. But we recognize that the beauty of Earth is not always upheld, nor is the idea that we are all united as citizens of this shared world. At this moment in time, over 2 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed into Central Europe in the wake of Russia’s invasion.


Origo began with the intention to craft shoes that give people more freedom to move and empower you to be unequivocally you. The mass exodus of innocents from war torn lands is not a movement rooted in freedom or empowerment, but rather in subjection and indifference. Our founders, Cristina and Diego, grew up in Colombia where citizens were often forced to flee their homes as a result of violence. They understand the needs that one has when uprooted from one’s home and forced to begin again. The simplicities of yesterday become the challenges of tomorrow. The basic necessities of life become luxuries.


Natural Footwear. Natural Growth.

One such luxury is shoes. With that in mind, Origo has partnered with Soles4Souls to donate 126 brand new kids shoes to children affected by the Russian invasion. Soles4Souls aims to send over $1 million worth of new clothes, shoes, underwear and socks to Ukraine, and we are happy to say that Origo’s donation equates to $10k in retail value. Although this represents a fraction of Soles4Souls ultimate goal, we hope that our contribution will lead our followers to join us in the relief efforts.


As a young company, we are fortunate to be able to look to the horizon and see the opportunity to actualize a dream and to grow. That is a luxury that we have. The same cannot be said for the young boys and girls who have been uprooted from their homes. Origo Shoes support the natural growth of kids’ feet, and we also hope that we can be a part of their growth as people too. 


Join Us in Support of Ukraine.

We urge all of our customers to join us in providing the necessary support to Ukrainian refugees, and to assist Soles4Souls in their goal. Learn more at or make a donation at

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