A Guide To Creating a Capsule Shoe Collection: 5 Must-Own Shoes Staples

June 28, 2023

Creating a Capsule Shoe Collection


You don’t need an enormous shoe closet’s worth of footwear to keep up with any lifestyle. As long as you’re buying durable shoes from quality footwear brands, you’ll find that you can wear the appropriate pair of shoes in any setting with as few as five different styles. 

This is ideal if you’re already implementing a capsule wardrobe lifestyle – why not take it to the next level and pair it with a capsule shoe wardrobe? These are the five staple shoes for wardrobe options for the average man or woman. Whether limiting your shoes for sustainability, space-saving, or cost-effective living, make sure you have these must-haves in your capsule shoe wardrobe. 


The Five Must-Have Footwear for Your Shoe Capsule Wardrobe


If you want to minimize your shoe collection, you could narrow it down to at least five pairs. These five types complete an essential shoe capsule wardrobe that you can easily mix and match with your clothes.


1. Everyday Sneakers


You don’t have to be into streetwear to rock a pair of sneakers. If you want just one pair of everyday sneakers in your shoe capsule wardrobe, choose a simple design in a neutral color. Black and white are ideal for those who want to maintain a minimal capsule shoe wardrobe, though other neutral colors like gray, brown, and some shades of blue could be a better choice of shoes for capsule wardrobe options. 



Origo’s collection of The Everyday Sneaker features that timeless sneaker design that goes well in any street, casual, or smart casual attire. Its unisex design means that it flatters styles for women and men.


Choose a breathable and low-maintenance cotton canvas that’s 100% vegan, or upgrade to buttery-soft quality leather that goes well with your next Casual Friday outfit at the workplace. The Everyday Sneaker is designed for style, comfort, and durability with every step you take.


2. Closed-Toed Flat Shoes


Your second pair should be a close-toed pair of versatile shoes for business and pleasure. It’s comfortable and goes well with your casual wardrobe, but it’s a step above your everyday sneakers in style if you need something to wear to a dressy casual or semi-formal setting. 


Depending on your style and lifestyle, this could be any of the following:


  • Derby shoes
  • Oxford shoes
  • Loafers
  • Ballet Flats
  • Mary Janes

We recommend the shoes are flat, wide and flexible. For an all-around option for women, we recommend our latest collection, The New Derby.



The New Derby collection features a minimal, lightweight, and comfortable design that maintains your natural foot shape to give you a light, almost barefoot feel. Made with supple natural leather, it features a monochromatic look that easily blends with most styles to complement the rest of your outfit without drawing too much attention to itself. Pair this with your casual outfit or dress for a clean, understated look.


3. Open-Toed Flat Shoes


These are laid-back and casual shoes for capsule wardrobe styles. Whether you’re around the house, going to the beach, or attending an informal home gathering with friends and family, these are your comfy, yet supportive, go-to shoes.


Both men and women need at least one pair of open-toed flat shoes for casual settings or for whenever the weather permits it. Whether these are sandals with ankle straps or supportive flats, the soles of these shoes should be flat and flexible, to keep the foot muscles working.


Make sure to choose the right size so that your foot can be comfortable. On the other hand, make sure your shoes aren’t too big, or they can easily slip off while you walk. If this is a problem even with the correct shoe size, invest in a pair with adjustable straps.


4. Formal Shoes


You can survive with just one pair of formal shoes if you know what you want. This will be the pair you can wear to an office that requires business attire, dressy get-togethers, and more formal events where wearing your sneakers or closed-toed flat shoes is too casual. Men and women have different options available to them:


  • Oxfords
  • Derbys
  • Loafers (for men)
  • Dress boots
  • Flats


For men who want to play it safe and get a pair appropriate for formal and casual settings, avoid shoes on either side of the formal and informal spectrum: black-tie options such as black Oxfords and pumps are too traditional. At the same time, light-colored loafers and Derby’s can be too casual. Darker-colored Derby and Oxfords are the middle ground for formal and informal while still balancing your style between traditional and trendy.


5. Boots


Wearing boots may not always be the best all year round for hotter climates, but when you need an extra layer of protection from external elements, having a sturdy pair of boots in your wardrobe can help – while tying your whole outfit together. 


The most popular boot styles are the Chelsea boot, and a dress boot – these are generally a good choice for all-around boots that complement casual to more formal styles for men and women. While heeled and thigh-high boots look stylish, we wouldn’t recommend these as staple shoes for wardrobe minimalists who want an all-around boot that goes well for any style and occasion.


Find Sneakers Designed for All Styles at Origo Shoes


Your shoes should be fashionable and functional. When you have the essential pairs of shoes, you won’t need to buy more than five pairs to match your outfits. Consider every shoe's universal style and durability, and you’ll find it easy to mix and match your wardrobe for any occasion. 


At Origo Shoes, our sneakers are designed for everyday men and women as well as the environment. Our shoes match well with any modern-day style while providing both comfort and sustainable solutions. 

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