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What Are Barefoot Shoes?

April 28, 2023

what are barefoot shoes?


Barefoot shoes are footwear designed to mimic the natural movement of feet to provide maximum flexibility, stability and comfort. They are also called 'minimalist' footwear since the design strips away the extra bits of traditional shoes. This type of shoe is becoming increasingly popular among athletes and everyday people due to its purported benefits. 

This article will explore barefoot shoes and their features. We’ll also answer the question: what are the benefits of barefoot shoes? This way, you can better understand why you should consider incorporating them into your life.

Let's dive in!


Features of Barefoot Type Shoes

There are many barefoot-type shoes on the market, but all of them share the following features:


  • Low Stack Height: The stack height refers to the height of the sole. Conventional walking shoes typically have a stack height of 9 to 30 mm, while barefoot type shoes only have 3 to 8 mm. 

  • Zero Heel-to-toe Drop: This refers to the elevation between the forefoot and heel. A barefoot shoe has zero heel-to-toe drop, similar to a person's feet. Traditional walking shoes, in contrast, have an 8 to 14 mm drop. 

  • Wide Toe Box: The toe box is a part of the shoe that houses your toes. Barefoot shoes provide ample toe space, allowing toes to move and flex freely. Conversely, traditional shoes tend to be tapered, which causes your toes to be pushed together, hindering their strength and agility.

  • Lightweight: Barefoot shoes are light and flexible due to their simplistic design.

  • Less Padding: Traditional footwear has various cushioning and support features, such as arch support, ankle support and thicker soles. On the other hand, barefoot shoes lack these features, allowing your feet to build strength.
white barefoot shoes

What Are the Benefits of Barefoot Shoes?

Now that we have discussed what barefoot shoes are and their features, let's now explore their reported benefits.


Build Strength on Feet and Legs

Barefoot shoes are designed to provide the benefits of walking barefoot with the protection of a shoe. By allowing your feet to move more naturally, these shoes can help strengthen the muscles in your feet and legs. The thin sole of the shoe enables you to stay connected to the ground, providing sensory feedback that encourages you to engage your muscles more actively. Sturdy muscles in your feet and legs will provide better shock absorption, supporting your body weight more effectively.

Support a Natural Gait

When you opt for barefoot shoes, this type of footwear offers a more natural walking experience that can help to improve comfort and overall support.


Reduce the Risk of Bunions and Hammertoe


Barefoot shoes have a spacious toe box, allowing the toes to spread out naturally. By providing a more natural fit, these shoes can help reduce the pressure placed on the toes and feet, which can lead to the development of painful conditions such as bunions and hammertoe. In addition, the wider toe box helps reduce friction between the toes, thus reducing the risk of blisters. By switching to barefoot shoes, individuals can enjoy the benefits of improved foot health.


Provide Less Impact on Your Joints

Barefoot walking shoes are becoming more popular as a better option than conventional walking shoes. These lightweight, flexible shoes provide less impact on your joints, allowing you to freely and comfortably enjoy the benefits of walking.

Improve Balance and Agility

Barefoot walking shoes offer improved agility, making them ideal for those who walk regularly. They allow the feet to move naturally, providing better stability. Additionally, the shoe's flexible sole helps improve the foot's agility, allowing for quicker movements. With their minimalist design and lightweight construction, barefoot shoes can provide optimal support and comfort.

Are Barefoot Shoes Right for You?


Barefoot shoes offer many benefits with few drawbacks. They offer a more natural, comfortable way to walk and are an excellent option for those looking for an affordable alternative to traditional footwear.

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